The Forward Festival for creativity, design, and communication brings together the best international and local creative heads, who provide insights into their success stories in an exciting atmosphere. The last Forward Festival in 2016 took place in Vienna and Munich and it was a big success with aplenty of talented attendees. One of the prestigious guests was Stefan Sagmeister – and it looks like that he will attend also the next time in Zurich and Munich. With an interactive clean website, a ring-shaped header at the top of the homepage, they announced proudly “Forward Festival is back” – this time in three various cities. Bold colors and shapes reference Swiss-style graphic design throughout the festival’s website. The festival is accompanied by various side events, such as workshops, live art sessions, and networking events. For Zurich it is planned on 17. – 18. June 2017! Save the date, see you there.
8 Dec 2016

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An indomptable ad

Back in 2014 in Brussels I saw this amazing ad for Mercedes. When I was going through some pictures on my disk I came across this photos and think its worth mentioning.
24 Aug 2016

The superb Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

On their website they say “DDW is different from other design events…” – indeed it is. The DDW is not only presenting exceptionally good and creative art works, it is also so tremendously big. So big, that they are on different locations and several shuttles are working only to bring visitors from one place to another. Let me tell you some numbers: 2500 designers, 99 locations, 475 events, 275,000 visitors – the biggest design event in Northern Europe. A must go for all designers to enlarge their creativity. The visual graphics, especially in art direction and branding, are really awesome to see. There could have been more though, but my impression was that the primary focus was on product design, at least the last time I was there in 2014. Save the date, the next event is 22–30th Oct 2016.
27 Jun 2016

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Grafik16 – Swiss graphic design exhibition, Zurich

The Grafik16 is the largest graphic design exhibition in Zurich and it took place at the end of March 2016. I had big expectations before arriving, since graphic design was and is very good in Switzerland. The exhibition was smaller than expected. Anyway, the quality of the presented art works was pretty good, fascinating, and inspiring. I took some photos with my smartphone for some impressions for you. Enjoy.
10 May 2016

Book recommondation, Typography

This book is an excellent summary of all the most important techniques of utilizing typefaces. It provides the reader with many essential tips regarding the aspects of fonts, glyphs, styles and design.

This book was first published in 1992 and was revised four times. It gives you a lot of methods and graphic principles, but also a philosophical understanding of usage of types. The content is all about considering the role of typography in history, in society and in communication. The author is very much focusing on detail in his topics. Images and illustrations throughout the content explain the substance in a neat way. This book is recommended to all designers who want to get professional in typography; it will give you a solid background, terms, rules and techniques you’ve probably never heard of.
8 Apr 2016

Spinning ‘semmel’

I think today I figured out what I hate most about my work: to see the rainbow-colored spinning ‘Semmel’ mac-spining-weel
13 Jan 2016

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Stay in USA

I went to the USA three times and lived there for almost a year. During that time I traveled to some cities like New York, Miami, Washington DC, etc. to get some inspiration. It was also in the USA where I completed my internship as a graphic designer at The Republik.
2 Dec 2015

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Social Design in Brussels

It was a nice one-year stay in Brussels that I spent for my Masters. Social Design in the field of Communication Design was provided at Sint Lukas in Brussels in English and I was somehow attracted by this offer and finished my Master studies in 2014.
28 Nov 2015