The superb Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

On their website they say “DDW is different from other design events…” – indeed it is. The DDW is not only presenting exceptionally good and creative art works, it is also so tremendously big. So big, that they are on different locations and several shuttles are working only to bring visitors from one place to another. Let me tell you some numbers: 2500 designers, 99 locations, 475 events, 275,000 visitors – the biggest design event in Northern Europe. A must go for all designers to enlarge their creativity. The visual graphics, especially in art direction and branding, are really awesome to see. There could have been more though, but my impression was that the primary focus was on product design, at least the last time I was there in 2014. Save the date, the next event is 22–30th Oct 2016.
27 Jun 2016

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